About Us

October of 2013, SCV/SFBAC hosted the  Global Humanitarian Technology Conference. Among a dedicated organizing committee from across the US, there were many local members who volunteered their time and energy to help organize the papers, keynote speakers, tutorials, workshops, panel discussions, and local arrangements. From that event, SCV capitalized on the momentum to create a local SIGHT group.

What is SIGHT? It is Special Interest Group: Humanitarian Technology.

IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) is an initiative that focuses on creating opportunities for members to devote time and talents to humanitarian work consistent with IEEE’s Constitution to ‘bring the benefits of technology to the entire world.’  ”

What is SCV-SIGHT’s Charter? Right now, our working Mission Statement is:

“Santa Clara Valley (SCV) SIGHT is leveraging its position and access to a large number of technology oriented corporations and Universities to create a positive outcome for humanitarian causes in the Santa Clara Valley and beyond.”

SCV SIGHT is unique from other SIGHT groups in the world as it is located and has access to large number of technology oriented corporations and top Universities. We have a talent pool of 100’s of thousands of engineers, developers, and innovators from diverse communities from all over the world that have come together here, in Santa Clara Valley. We can leverage this opportunity to energize outcomes for humanitarian causes.

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