Meet Poppy, the open source / open hardware humanoid robot inspiring innovation in labs & classrooms !

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Stephane Ribas
Research Engineer at INRIA, D2T Team, he is the community manager of the project.

Matthieu Lapeyre
Research Engineer at INRIA, Flowers Team, he is one the main author of the poppy creature.

Inria-0168-136 poppy_components


The European Research Council (ERC) grantee the INRIA Flowers Team, who is today presenting the first complete open-source 3D printed humanoid robot, called “Poppy”. Poppy is an opensource and open hardware humanoid robot that anybody can build – its body is 3D printed and its behaviour programmed by the user using differents languages (SNAP, Python, etc). However, it is not just a tool or a experimental platform for scientists and computer “geeks” – the team of developers aims to use the robot as part of vocational training in schools, giving students the opportunity to experiment and program 3D printed robots with various characteristics !

Poppy emphasis the importancy of the role of the morphology. More precisely, poppy investigates the impact of the bio-inspired thigh, bended of 6°, on the balance and biped locomotion. For instance, a recent experiment has shown the robot walks on a treadmill thanks to the social and physical guidance of expert users. Poppy demonstrated that the bended thigh reduces the upper body motion by about 45\% indicating a more stable walk.

This presentation aim to explain the story of the creation of Poppy; where does it come from? What are we trying to acheive? what are the issues? what are the challenges? How couyld you build your own, How can you program it…

We will also show use cases and see what scientists, labs, teachers, students can do with this very attractive and appealing robot!
We will end up with a demonstration and you will be able to control it with your own mobile phone.
This humanoid robot is not like others… its physical and software architecture enables an important amount of creativity and … innovation.

Click here for a Cool Poppy Video

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