July 2011

Intellectual Property Traps and Opportunities for Employed Future Entrepreneurs, July 21st 2011


Date and Time

Thursday, July 21, 2011. 600-9:00 PM


KeyPoint Credit Union
2805 Bowers Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95051

ChairKiran Gunnam

Event Co-ordinator(s): Neeta Srivastav, Manuel Ilagan, Sanjeev Murthy.


This is not a talk on patents and copyrights, but goes far beyond such things.  The focus is on the division of intellectual property rights between yourself as a creative person and those you perform labor for, whether as an employee, consultant, or independent creative person.  Every schematic, code listing, and disclosure has intellectual property rights that automatically attach upon creation.  The way you handle these will determine your legal standing to own and exploit the fruits of your labor – or not – depending on what you sign and the actions you take.  The core of this talk is an eye-opening career strategy for protection of personal intellectual property.  Key intellectual property opportunities and pitfalls will be discussed.  Case histories – some of them hair-raising — will be used to underscore salient points.  This is a must-hear talk for anyone with aspirations beyond toiling for a salary, especially those with entrepreneurial plans.  Even if you simply want to pursue a hobby in a technical field, there are lessons that can help you avoid unexpected intellectual property tar pits.–About the speaker:Orin E. Laney, BSEE, MBA, PE, NCE, SM-IEEE is a member and former chair of the IEEE-USA Intellectual Property Committee.  As a design engineer at both large and small companies, and as a business owner and employer he has experienced the issues to be discussed from both sides of the table.  Mr. Laney is an entertaining National Speaker on behalf of the IEEE, and has spoken pro bono at over 100 college campuses and section meetings on intellectual property rights, starting a business, career management and similar professional matters.

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