Apollo AI and IEEE Scholarship for Machine Learning


Apollo AI is pleased to organize IEEE Workshops on Machine Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks and Tensorflow. Our aim is to provide machine learning education to more engineers and students so that they are better prepared to enhance their careers.

As part of the 2nd day of this interactive course, the attendees will be learning several programming concepts through this software.

To improve this software, we are announcing a Scholarship opportunity for the undergraduate and graduate students. This is an invite-only opportunity. Steps:

  1. Apollo AI will submit a list of screened candidates for consideration to IEEE panel. The candidates have to be available for at least 32 hours from 9/20 to 9/25. The candidates can be remote. If the candidates are in bay area, those are preferred. To be considered for this, any one can contact Apollo AI
  2. IEEE panel will select 4 candidates for this fast paced competition. Criterion is availability as well as the quickness to be able to show the ability to run the software on their machine with screenshots by 5pm pacific time on 9/20.
  3. The 4 screened candidates will work together a team to improve the software.  Each of the candidate will hold remote web sessions to help the attendees from 9/20 to 9/25. If the the candidates are local they are welcome to attend the IEEE course by asking to be registered for free. During this process by end of 9/20, the instructor will designate one of the 4 candidates for Team Leader. This team leader will be responsible for creating a new branch of the software and as well as coordinating the responses on Google Groups.
  4. IEEE panel that includes the instructor as well as the feedback from the course attendees on effectiveness of the help received from the candidates will be used to judge the winners.

There are four awards -that means every one who is for consideration after step 2 will get at least one of the awards.

Apollo AI and IEEE Scholarship for Machine Learning, Platinum(1 award)- $1000.


Apollo AI and IEEE Scholarship for Machine Learning,  Gold (3 awards)- $600

+Apollo AI and IEEE Scholarship for Machine Learning, Team Leader award (1,This is in addition to the above awards)- $400


The winners are also automatically considered for both the intern and full-time positions at Apollo AI for a full 1-day interview from 9/26 to 10/5.

Updates on 10/1/2018

Apollo AI announced the scholarship winners and would process the scholarships by 10/15/2018.

Apollo AI and IEEE Scholarship for Machine Learning, Platinum and Team Leader award : Kaustubh Sivalenka

Apollo AI and IEEE Scholarship for Machine Learning,  Gold: Akram (Alimujiang, Aikeremujiang)

Nikitha Kona

Fei Gao


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