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2018 Activities

The August 9th meeting was held at 6:00 PM at the Cypress Semiconductor Main Auditorium in Building 6, 198 Champion Ct, San Jose, CA 95134.

This was a joint meeting with the Circuits And Systems Society (CASS).

The topic was “Massive MIMO Active Antenna Arrays for Advanced Wireless Communications” by Dr. Mihai Banu, CTO, Blue Danube Systems.
Recently, many experts in academia and industry have been strongly advocating the concept of Massive MIMO for application in 4G and 5G systems. While the push for larger base station antenna aperture is probably the right idea for many systems, there are important subtleties in the Massive MIMO concept, which make its practical application far from straightforward. These include HW complexity, channel estimation challenges, signal coherency issues, radio chain to antenna mapping, and multi-band designs. This talk discussed the main types of Massive MIMO systems pointing out their benefits and limitations for various RAN systems and frequency bands. This talk also presented field trial results for Blue Danube Massive MIMO products operating in mid-band spectrum.