From the SCCESS Bylaws:

The purpose of the Council is to coordinate and promote the professional interests of the
Constituent Member Organizations represented in the Council and of the individual members thereof who
are engaged in the various professional branches of engineering and surveying in a unified effort devoted

to the advancement of the professional, technical and educational standards of the said professions.
Action in civil affairs shall be limited to those matters wherein the professional welfare of the
engineering or surveying professions is involved or wherein it is clearly evident that the knowledge of
engineers or surveyors can be helpful in the development of sound civil policies.

The Council shall have such powers as conferred by the Constituent Member Organizations and
by the statutes of the State of South Carolina upon organizations not for pecuniary gain.
The Council may sponsor annually a joint meeting of the Constituent Member Organizations of
the South Carolina Council of Engineering and Surveying Societies, whereby seminars and programs are
presented that are of general interest to all engineers and surveyors.

The Council shall monitor the status of the SC Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
and Land Surveyors annually to determine the upcoming vacancies. As provided in Chapter 22, Title 40
of the South Carolina Law as amended; the Council shall interview candidates and recommend to the
Governor a candidate or candidates in accordance with the SCCESS Operating Procedure to fill such