The American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) merged on January 1, 1963 to form the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Prior to 1963, both the AIEE and IRE maintained a section in South Carolina and Georgia. Below are the founding dates:

March 2, 1940 – In AIEE, a South Carolina section existed in District 4. A map of the 1962 AIEE District 4, which contains a map of the various sections, is below.


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September 9, 1955 – The IRE Executive Committee approved the establishment of the Piedmont Subsection of the North Carolina-Virginia Section of the IRE to include the several counties in North Carolina. Click and view the letter below.

May 12, 1958 – In IRE, a South Carolina Section existed in Region 3. The South Carolina Section was formerly the Charleston Subsection of the Atlanta Section of IRE. A corresponding IRE map has not been located but the notes in the foundation of the Section gave the territory as follows for the South Carolina Section:

The entirety of the state of South Carolina and the following counties in Georgia: Burke, Chatham, Effingham, Richmond, and Screven.

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Unfortunately, following the merger of AIEE and IRE to form the IEEE, there is a gap in IEEE history records from 1963-1965. However, in 1966, the IEEE South Carolina Section encompassed the following subsections:
  • Central Savannah River Subsection
  • Charleston Subsection
  • Columbia Subsection
  • Piedmont Subsection

In 1972, the South Carolina sections came together and formed the “South Carolina Affiliation of Sections”.  The officers were as follows:

  • 1972 – Henry L. Able, chair; Luther R. Gower, vice chair; Robert G. Daniels, secretary; Delbert G. Owen, treasurer.
  • 1973 – Luther R. Gower, chair; Robert G. Daniels, vice chair; Delbert G. Owen, secretary.; Willis L. Rahn, treasurer.
  • 1974 – Robert G. Daniels, chair; Delbert G. Owen, vice chair; Willis L. Rahn, secretary; A.C. Hart, treasurer.
  • 1975 – Delbert G. Owen, chair; A.C. Hart, vice chair; A.D. Page, Jr., secretary; L.O. Darby, treasurer.
  • 1976 – A.C. Hart, chair; A.D. Page, jr., vice chair; L.O Darby, secretary; Bennie R. Moultrie, treasurer.
  • 1977 – A.D. Page, jr., chair; Luther O. Darby, vice chair; Bennie R. Moultrie, secretary; Mitchell S. Tibshrany, Jr., treasurer.
  • 1978 – Luther O. Darby, chair; Bernard R. Moultrie, vice chair; Mitchell S. Tibshrany, jr., secretary; James R. Bond, treasurer.
  • During this time a newsletter, “Southern Corona”, was published, edited by James F. Scoggin, Jr. at the Citadel.

In 1979, the name was changed to the South Carolina Council.

  • 1979 – M.S. Tibshrany, chair; A. Chad Merrell, vice chair; H.V. Nolte, secretary; Robert Mitchell, treasurer.

Beginning in 1980,  the title “Area 7” was used in addition to the South Carolina Council.

  • 1980 – A. Chad Merrell, chair; Robert M. Herron III, vice chair; Robert Mitchell, secretary; F.L. Cain, treasurer.
  • 1981 – Robert M. Herron III, chair; Robert A. Mitchell, vice chair; Fred L. Cain, secretary; John E Bennett, treasurer; J. Roy Bond, PAC representative.
  • 1982 – Robert A. Mitchell, chair; Fred L. Cain, vice chair; John E. Bennett, secretary; James D. Hayes, treasurer.

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Area 7 History


Area 7/SC Council

Central Savannah River Section

  • Augusta Technical College

Coastal SC Section

  • Coastal South Carolina IEEE Join Society Chapter of IEEE Computer Society (C16), IEEE Communications Society (COM19) and IEEE Power and Energy Society (PE31)
  • Horry-Georgetown Tech College IEEE Student Branch
  • The Citadel IEEE Student Branch
  • Trident Technical College IEEE Student Branch

Columbia Section

  • Florence-Darlington Technical College IEEE Student Branch (Inactive)
  • South Carolina State University IEEE Student Branch
  • University of South Carolina IEEE Student Branch
  • University of South Carolina IEEE Student Branch Chapter of Power Electronics Society
  • University of South Carolina IEEE Student Branch Chapter of Power and Energy Society
  • University of South Carolina IEEE Student Branch Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society

Piedmont Section

  • Piedmont Section IEEE Student Branch
  • Clemson University IEEE Student Branch
  • Clemson University IEEE Student Branch Chapter of Intelligent Transportation Systems Society