Our Executives

Johanna Blake


Johanna is in her 4th year of electrical engineering. She just completed a 16 month internship and is excited to return to Western. As student branch chair she aims to demonstrate how valuable IEEE can be at any stage in your career.

Aaron Moses


Hello, my name is Aaron Moses and I’m very excited to be Vice Chair this year! I’m going into my second year of Software Engineering and am also a marketing commissioner for UES and a member of Western Cheer. If you have any questions or you just want to talk, please reach out! 

Mustafa Abdalle


Hi, my name is Mustafa Abdalle. I’m going to be entering my third year of electrical engineering in western university. I’m a big basketball fan (go Pistons!) and love to play video games.

Bipratip Tirzak

System Admin

Hello I am Bipratip Tirzak, your systems admin for this year! I am going into my 3rd year of software engineering.

Viraaj Lulla

Project and Workshop

Hey Everyone! My name is Viraaj, your Projects and Workshops manager for the year! I am in my 3rd year in Electrical Engineering. With this role I hope to be able to give all our members an experience that will develop their skills outside of the classroom as well as help further develop the skills that are learnt in the classroom. Some of my hobbies outside of school are cooking, basketball (Lakers fan) and Formula 1.

Jeet Phondge

Outreach Coordinator

Hello this is jeet Phondge your social media coordinator for the upcoming school year. I am in my third year of electrical engineering and I want to make this year a valuable learning experience for myself as well as all members of the team !

Charles Ahn


I am in electrical engineering and joined IEEE because of its prominence within the field as an institution that supports educational and career development. I do model making on the side with a special interest in military vehicles propelling my interest not only for engineering but the defense and aerospace industry. I also have experience with hackathons so if your interested in that feel free to shoot me a message!