13 May

General Meeting & SECTE Soccer Sponsorship

Today we had our general meeting for this month where members discussed about upcoming events in NSW section, upcoming IEEE Region 10 conferences and suggestions on future activities. Also, IEEE UOW SB officially handed over the cheque to sponsor the SECTE Soccer Memberships.
The meeting was followed by the lunch where we chat with some of our new members as well.

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11 Apr

General Meeting & Promotional Activity

A general meeting of IEEE UOW Student Branch was held on 08th April in 6.222. Suggestions for future activities were discussed in the meeting. Also, we welcomed few new members. After the meeting, members were involved in a promotional activity which posted IEEE posters on notice boards in building 35 and 6.

Hope to see a lot of members in the next general meeting….

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11 Mar

Welcome BBQ

It was a great day filled with good foods, chats and fun.
A big thank goes to all IEEE members who joined today to welcome our new members sharing their experience. We thank you all who participated and also helped in organising this event.

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