Guesr Lecture : “How Telkomsel Build IoT Ecosytem” With Mr. Hendry Martin 2019

On March 12th, 2019, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Faculty of Syiah Kuala University in cooperation with IEEE Student Branch Unsyiah, HIMATEKTRO and HIMATEKKOM organizes guest lectures with the theme’s “How Telkomsel Build IoT Ecosystem”. Presenters at the event was Mr. Hendry Martin, Manager of Joint Innovation and Research of PT Telekomunikasi Cellular (Telkomsel). Activities held in the Multipurpose Room of UPT TIK Syiah Kuala University was followed by students of electrical engineering and computer engineering, as well as some professors from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. In this activity, Mr. Hendry Martin introduce IoT ecosystem in PT. Telkomsel and invites the audience to start generating IoT-based works. In this guest lecture also described how steps produced and developed the work into the shape of business. Expected by the existence of this activity may increase interest of participants to produce works based IoT that not only can be used but can also provide income. At the end of the activities, the Executive Board of the IEEE Student Branch Unsyiah take a picture with Mr. Martin Hendry which are the presenters at these events. Participants also took a picture with the presenters.