General Lecturer : “IEEE at Glance and it’s Progress in Indonesia” With Dr. Fitri Yuli Zulkifli, S.T., M.Sc

On 18th October 2017, IEEE SB Unsyiah held a general lecture with theme: “IEEE at Glance and it’s Progress in Indonesia” by Dr. Fitri Yuli Zulkifli, S.T., M.Sc. The audience are from IEEE SB member and other non member.. The purpose of this lecture is to increase knowledge to member and non member and also promotion to invite non member to became interested to become IEEE SB member. We are explained about what is IEEE in general way and what it’s contribution to the world. We are also explained about what is the benefit to became the IEEE member. Thank you Mrs. Fitri Yuli Zulkifi for your time and your kindness so you can anttend this general lecturer.