We’re a group of Engineering Students (undergrads and graduates) who want to have fun and meet new people, to learn about research and innovation in technology, to find ourselves and our passions, to help our community, and to get inspired to change the world!

Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

Science is not just a subject. For us, its a way of life.


And we at the IEEE-Students Branch of SNIST take pride in saying that we are a group of like-minded enthusiasts, who’re passionate about technology and believe staunchly in the fact that when used in the right way, with the proper guidance and effective teamwork, science can further our reach towards success.

IEEE-SNIST was formed about 15 years ago under the loving guidance of our Director sir, Dr.Narasimha Reddy and since then, the Students Chapter has come a long way in terms of increase in membership as well as the volume of activities that are taken care of by us. All this under the ever helpful hand of our Student Branch Counselor: Dr. K. Sumanth.

There are a lot of activities taken up by IEEE-SNIST  – from weekly sessions to conducting workshops to organizing symposiums, we do it all. Our annual techno-management festival under the banner of ADASTRA has been a tradition since the last 14 years. We also have a Sister Branch : The IEEE SNIST Computer Society (CS), and an IEEE Affinity Group : The IEEE SNIST Women In Engineering (WIE) .

We believe that in the ever evolving world of today, networking is the key for knowledge advancement. So, with the international fraternity provided to us by the IEEE this is the perfect way to milk information from the experts themselves and be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves.