PES Tutorial challenge

The PES tutorials that our society has made free, through a discount of $50, have been a boon
to the students of Kerala. To make sure that all the PES members of our state get to know
about this, PES SBC RSET had initiated a PES tutorial challenge whereby student members of
Kerala are taken through the steps of how to access these videos and challenged to view all the
videos. The session was followed by a group discussion on the topics that were dealt with at the
end of each of the two topics that we had taken up. The challenge followed the pattern of the
Robosanitizer that was taken up earlier in 2020 by the PES Kerala chapter, in such a way that it
would be accepted by one college and upon starting they would gain rights to challenge three
other colleges for the same.
Event Outcome
More than an event hosted by the PES SBC of Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology,
this can be viewed as an initiative by us to ensure that all the IEEE student members of Kerala
are getting proper exposure and knowledge of the benefit of joining the IEEE PES. Such a great
opportunity would be wasted if no one knew about it, so we took it upon ourselves to enlighten
the less active members of our society and show them how deep the roots of IEEE go. The
event was a great success, with many colleges taking up the challenge and completing it along
with us.

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