LOL.Code Coding Competition

As part of the pre-events(War) to the Kochi Hub Meet, IEEE RSET SB conducted a coding competition using the language LOLCODE. The competition was held on the 12th of May,2020 from 7pm to 12:30am. 

The competition consisted of 5 questions which were based on famous sitcoms and tv series such as “The Big Bang Theory”, ”F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, ”How I met your mother”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Money Heist”. The questions required the use of basic algorithms and syntaxes to solve making it easy for an average coder. The challenge arises from the language that was chosen, LOLCODE. LOLCODE is a language that is rarely used by most programmers which has a syntax that is highly unconventional. The event was conducted on the hackerrank platform, which has the ability to conduct a competition in LOLCODE. 

A total of 170 students participated in the competition from various student branches in the kochi hub. The winners of the event were Mohammed Hashim ( Federal Institute of Science and Technology ), Vinay Mathew Varghese( Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology ), Prebiton Paul ( Federal Institute of Science and Technology ) in first, second and third places respectively. 


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