IEEE Coding Competition

Hey there, all you lazy coders and geeks, here is that perfect competition for you!
We are giving you a total of 24 hours on Saturday, 6th October. You can enter the contest at any
time of the day given. From that point, you will have 90 minutes. 1 and a half hours to tell us that all
these days, months, years at an engineering college wasn’t a total waste.
All you have to do is answer a set of MCQ questions first. Then, you may proceed to an open-coding
contest! We are not looking for that big-brainy solution, nor a program in a particular language.
That’s right! You can code in any programming language you are familiar with. All we want is a good
logic behind your code.
Because laziness reaps rich dividends, we will be rewarding the winner of the contest with a cash
prize too! Students from any and all departments are welcome to this IEEE event conducted as part
of the IEEE day celebrations.

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