The IEEE student branch at Qassim university will organize a workshop entitled: The Need of Industrial Energy Audits, which will be given by Prof. Mohamad A. Irfan.

Date:  Tuesday, 03/05/2016

Location: Engineering College Stage

Time: from 11:00  to 13:00

Workshop abstract

The domestic consumption of oil in Saudi Arabia is growing at an alarming rate. At this rate there are fears that the domestic demand for oil might outstrip the supply. In this case there will be no oil left for export. There is a dire need to control and reduce the domestic consumption of energy and hence oil. The three major sectors consuming energy are the industrial, transport and buildings. We cannot improve what we cannot measure. Industrial energy audits are the first step for scientific measurement of energy consumed.

The current seminar gives a brief description of the need of industrial energy audits and how they are conducted. At the end of each audit the industry gets a complete energy audit report, suggesting energy conservation measures. Following the suggested recommendations can lead to 10-30 % savings for the industry on their energy bill.

Workshop: The Need of Industrial Energy Audits

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