We are the “Exemplary Student Branch”

We are glad to announce to all of you that our student branch has received the 2019 Exemplary Student Branch Award from the IEEE Italy Section. We are very happy about this milestone, that recognizes the efforts of both the board and the members of our student branch.

Umberto Garlando (PhD candidate in electronics and Student Branch’s secretary) received the award during the IEEE RTSI 2019 conference held in Florence on 11th of September; the conference was also a great opportunity to have an exchange with the other Italian student branches. The IEEE Student Branch of the Politecnico started its activities in 2017. Thanks to the commitment of prof. Maurizio Martina (SB Counselor), Leonardo Iannucci (Chair), Antonia Silvestri (Vice-Chair), Umberto Garlando (Secretary), Vincenzo Randazzo (Treasurer), and Simone Aiassa (Webmaster).

The student branch can count on a very respectable number of members, in fact, our university counts well 152 student members enrolled in the IEEE, 31 more than when we received the Most Improved award one year ago. During those two years, several initiatives were organized, such as seminars, and distinguished lectures. We thanks Vincenzo Agui, Davide Menegaldo, Simone Marasso, Alessandro Sanginario, Ghanshyam Singh, Benedetto Vigna, Sorel Reisman, Gianluca Setti, Maria-Alexandra Paun, Francesco Bullo, and Franco Simini who presented us their knowledge during those years. We thanks also all the PhD student and not that participated in the brand new PitchD – the PhD’s pitch activity. You can watch them on our new Youtube channel

For the next year, there are already many ideas to involve more and more students and allow everyone to take advantage of the opportunities given by the IEEE through contests, seminars and opportunities for comparison between students.

We would like to thank you all for actively participating in the student branch events and activities.