IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award 2020

Dear IEEE Student Members of Politecnico di Torino, the election for the new board of the IEEE Student Branch are approaching and we are glad to announce that our IEEE Student Branch received the “IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award” of the IEEE R8 Section, for the second consecutive year! Our student branch has been considered as one of the best student branches of Europe, Middle East and Africa continents.

We hope some of you will be interested in taking part in the next board, eventually advancing the value of our Student Branch!

A big thank you goes to the executive committee members of the Women in Engineering affinity group. They continuously give us incredible help in organizing all the activities, also being on the front line in the moderation of the Student Branch’s events.

Thank you to all of you!

The Board:
Antonia, Carmine, Gianni, Kristjane, Leila, Maurizio, Nancy, Simone, Yuri
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