Federico Faggin: a nobody who created the CPU

On September 26, in Pisa, Federico Faggin was awarded of the IEEE Italy Section Honorary Award 2018.

Federico Faggin, is widely known (but sometimes forgotten) for designing the first commercial microprocessor. He led the 4004 project and the design group during the first five years of Intel’s microprocessor effort. Most importantly, Faggin created in 1968, while working at Fairchild Semiconductor, the self-aligned MOS silicon gate technology (SGT) that made possible dynamic memories, non-volatile memories, CCD image sensors, and the microprocessor. In addition, he further developed at Intel his original SGT into a new methodology for random logic chip design that was essential to the creation of the world’s first single chip microprocessor and all other early Intel microprocessors.

Check his very interesting presentation at IEEE Italy Section Honorary Award 2018.

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