IEEE NIT Durgapur Student Body

Who are we?

The IEEE Student Branch, NIT Durgapur is a society of enthusiasts aimed at promoting research-related activities in the campus. We are a direct handshake to IEEE, an international body that allows countless young researchers the opportunity to present & publish their innovations every year. Comprising of bright researchers, developers, speakers, and other contributors we are a society that welcomes in the era of better research prospects, on the campus.

What we do?

We organise an array of events ranging from seminars to workshops to ideathon, that opens a world of possibilities existing in research to young minds. We bring strong-minded people together as they work on their personal interests thus ameliorating the quality of research activities going on in the campus.

Why we do it?

IEEE Student Branch helps lead students to a goal of re-designing their future. We plant the thought- the possibility of research and discovery- that could serve to fulfil what we stand for. Knowledge is power. The more you know the more you can possibly invent and build. And for the upcoming topsy-turvy tech-revolution underway, it is of utmost importance that we rebuild our society with improved and efficient technologies. And so we begin!


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