Platforms to learn these Emerging Technologies :


5G and Enhanced connectivity

Smart vehicles

Augmented and Virtual reality

Cybersecurity Mesh

Distributed Cloud



Technological advancements have not only caused a digital revolution all over the world, but also accelerated Market development and Innovation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the scope of digitization, due to which various companies have modified their business models and adopted several technologies. If businesses and individuals do not keep up with these technology trends, it will be challenging for them to grow in this competitive world.
Although advanced technologies continue to change our lives and the way we operate, it opens up enormous opportunities for us to grow.

IEEE NHCE has got everything covered for you. In this blog, we will take you through all the technological trends and help you keep yourself updated.
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Listed below are 10 emerging technologies you need to focus on:

1.Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the largest emerging technology. It refers to programmed algorithms that automatically phrase and apply knowledge.

2. Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

Internet of Behaviors extend from internet of things and interconnection of devices that result in vast variety of new data source.

3. Quantum computing

    Quantum computing is the key to leveraging (AI) and (ML). Our abilities to process and analyse big data will be impact by quantum computing.

4. Hyperautomation

   Hyper automation is continuous integration of automation in business, which equates to machines doing more things.

5. 5G and Enhanced connectivity

    5G offers more improvements over 4G. 5G will make augmented reality such as smart cities, connection of vehicles possible

6. Smart vehicles

   Modern smart cars are set to revolutionize the future mobility. Smart cars promise to improve road safety and reduce accidents, carbon emission, and congestion.

7. Augmented and Virtual reality

Augmented reality is blending the computer-generated features to the real world on the other hand virtual reality is immersing the user in virtual world.

8. Cybersecurity Mesh

It is an architectural approach to flexible, and scalable, and reliablecybersecurity control.

9. Distributed Cloud

   It’s a cloud that has geographically dispersed infrastructure, which primarily runs services at the network edge.

10. Blockchain

 Blockchain is a secure way to manage all the transaction across the internet.

Stick around as we will be updating concise information along with the platforms where you can master the above mentioned 10 emerging technologies!

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