Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we cannot offer DigiKey orders or any of our other services at this time.


The student branch accepts Digikey orders and will submit a single order, once a week. This allows students to save money from the shipping fees.

The price of an order is the following: the collective price of your parts + tax + a $2.00 shipping fee.

*We accept e-transfer for payment with an additional $2.00 service charge. E-transfer to sb.mcmaster@ieee.org.


To be included in weekly order, individual orders must be:

  • Submitted before 4:30pm Friday
  • Paid for in cash before 4:30pm Friday


Ordering Procedure

  1. Find all parts on Digikey.ca and add to your shopping cart
  2. Click Download – save a copy of your cart in spreadsheet format in the shopping cart page
  3. Send the spreadsheet to ieeeboards@gmail.com with the header format and filename:

DigikeyOrder_(Current month)_(Current week)_(Given name)_(Surname)

Example: DigikeyOrder_May_Week3_John_Doe

Order Pickup

An email will be sent out when the order for that week has been received. Do not come by the office asking for orders before that email has been sent out.

MAKE SURE that you include your McMaster email in your Digikey order, as we use it to contact you when the order is received and ready to be picked up!


Parts out of stock

On rare occasions, parts may be out of stock at the time of the group order. Verify that all parts in individual orders are present at pickup; any parts that could not be ordered will be refunded.

Payment miscalculation

Any underpaid orders will not be delivered until the correct amount is paid to the student branch. Likewise, any overpaid orders will be refunded the additional amount along with the tax paid on that amount.

Order Cancellations

Cancellations of orders must be done before 4:30pm on Wednesdays.


Receipts of Digikey orders can be issued by the student branch on request up to two months of order date.