Capstone equipment is available now for 2019-2020 ECE capstone groups.


Each group can rent out a board only(either an Arduino rev3 or Raspberry Pi 3 verB).  To rent the board, a $50 cash deposit is required which gets refunded upon the return of the board. Selection is first come first served.

The milling cost of one PCB per group.  To be done at the IEEE room (ITB-141).  Up to $16 per group. This is a VERY FAST service, so we encourage you to use it!  If you you require more than what we cover, or need more than one PCB, you will have to pay for the milling yourselves ($2 per square inch for single sided boards, and $2.50 per square inch for double sided boards).

The loan of a Raspberry Pi camera.  The camera requires a $10 cash deposit which gets refunded upon its return.

The provision of other items from the IEEE Student Branch, some for loan (such as TI products), and some free components (such as power resistors, optocouplers, capacitors, SMD capacitors and IC’s, MOSFETS etc.).  Students can check the website or drop into ITB-141 to look through the free component bins.