IEEE & HKN Spring Feast


Vice President of KSU IEEE , Muhammad Ibrahim Butt presenting to the ECE students opportunities provided by KSU IEEE.

Vice President of KSU IEEE , Muhammad Ibrahim Butt presenting to the ECE students opportunities provided by KSU IEEE.

A Good turn out at KSU IEEE Spring Feast

A Good turn out at KSU IEEE Spring Feast

Dr. Andrew Rys being awarded the Distinguished Faulty Award.

Dr. Andrew Rys being awarded the Distinguished Faculty Award.


Officer Elections KSU IEEE 2016


Officer Elections

Here’s a brief description of every position.


      1. Preside over all IEEE meetings and functions
      2. Maintain a schedule of events and keep other officers informed of event dates and officer responsibilities
      3. Ensure the objectives of the group are executed in a timely fashion
      4. Assist all other officers as needed
      5. Ensure officers are properly functioning and properly motivated
      6. Submit the Registered Student Organization registration to KSU each year
      7. Ensure at least one officer’s attendance for  required Engineering Student Council meetings and any other meeting that Department Heads request attendance.


      1. Assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence / resignation.
      2. Responsible for Planning and Implementing Annual IEEE booth for Open House.
      3. Assist Treasurer in establishing budget constraints for events.
      4. Responsible for acting as a liaison to EECE department
      5. Coordinates the finals week breakfast
      6. Coordinate with ECE shop to ensure that all parts kits requested by professors are sold to students in a timely matter.


      1. Administer fiscal matters
      2. Maintain financial records
      3. Submit applicable tax statements as required by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
      4. Create and propose an annual budget to officers for approval
      5. Assist Vice-President with parts kits sales by setting kit prices.
      6. Be responsible for locker rentals to any students that request a locker


      1. Take minutes at both general and officer meetings. Have minutes approved by officers and ensure both general and officer meetings are accessible on the IEEE website.
      2. Maintain the national and IEEE record book of all agendas, minutes, and reports.
      3. Work with President in submitting reports to Nationals (Officer Reporting Form in May, Annual Plan for Activities in November and Annual Report of Activities in May)
      4. Ensure an attendance list is passed around at each general meeting for voting privileges
      5. Notify IEEE headquarters of the names of newly elected officers immediately following any elections.
      6. Keeping an updated list of IEEE members

Webmaster/Social Media Chair

      1. Create/ update the webpage as needed. This includes the KSU IEEE Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and the official webpage.
      2. Assist Secretary with member list and submitting meeting updates via the website.
      3. Work directly with Public Relations Chair to make sure all EECE students are made aware of upcoming meetings/activities by sending emails and updating the webpage.
      4. Monitor the KSU IEEE Gmail inbox, forwarding incoming emails to the appropriate officer(s) in a timely manner.
      5. Work with Secretary to ensure an accurate members list is kept. Will be responsible for creating a contact list for all of these members.
      6. Work directly with Public Relations Chair to make sure all EECE students are made aware of upcoming meetings/activities by making fliers/posters and posting them in appropriate places.
      7. Update display board with club information, schedules, and upcoming events

Public Relations Chair

      1. Maintain current and future contacts with corporations by mail, email, or phone.
      2. Actively recruit new companies that are of interest to the IEEE members for event attendance.
      3. Maintain correspondence with companies after events. This includes thank you letters to guest speakers and follow up information following tours.
      4. Arrange and recruit for guest speaker and corporate tours with the assistance of the Activities Chair.
      5. Organize club activities such as the camping/rafting trip and other social and academic activities.
      6. Create liability forms and ensure that students participating in named events sign the forms, also maintain and update the forms as needed.
      7. Provide timely notification to the Webmaster and Secretary of upcoming events.


Johns Manville Tour

Johns Manville is a multinational and global manufacturer of insulation and roofing systems. They have plants across the world in China, Germany, Slovakia, and the United States.

Our tour will be focused on one of their Insulation Systems Manufacturing plants in McPherson, KS. This is a full sized production plant that does everything from unloading raw materials to shipping out finished goods.

The plant is extraordinary because of its automated processes. This would be a great opportunity to look at the controls and process side of engineering. Johns Manville is very relevant to computer and electrical engineers since their plants include a lot of PLCs(Programmable Logical Controllers) and Line Drive systems. Electrical power systems engineers can also get an excellent insight on the plant’s power distribution.

We want you to decide the date so please click the link below for the poll.

IEEEXtreme Programming Competition

Want to get awesome prizes? Want something to help you get that great career?

If you think you can code, you can get it all!

The KSU branch of the IEEE proudly presents the worldwide IEEEXtreme Programming Competition. You won’t even need to leave campus!

Grand prize: Free trip to any IEEE conference in the world
Second place: Free iPad for all team members
Third place: iPad Mini for all team members
Fourth place: iPod Shuffle
All active participants will receive a T-shirt and digital certificate.

Register Here
Registration ends 10/4/2014 00:00 UTC (10/3/2014 06:00 PM Central Time)

Competition takes place on 10/18/2014

Teams can be up to 3 people with a proctor.

All team members and proctor must be IEEE members.

More information is in the IEEEXtreme FAQ.

For information on how to join IEEE check out our Join page.