IEEEXtreme Programming Competition

Want to get awesome prizes? Want something to help you get that great career?

If you think you can code, you can get it all!

The KSU branch of the IEEE proudly presents the worldwide IEEEXtreme Programming Competition. You won’t even need to leave campus!

Grand prize: Free trip to any IEEE conference in the world
Second place: Free iPad for all team members
Third place: iPad Mini for all team members
Fourth place: iPod Shuffle
All active participants will receive a T-shirt and digital certificate.

Register Here
Registration ends 10/4/2014 00:00 UTC (10/3/2014 06:00 PM Central Time)

Competition takes place on 10/18/2014

Teams can be up to 3 people with a proctor.

All team members and proctor must be IEEE members.

More information is in the IEEEXtreme FAQ.

For information on how to join IEEE check out our Join page.