24 Apr

ETAP Short Course

IEEE-KFUPM Student Branch organized a five-day ETAP short course for KFUPM students. The course, offered by Future Technologies Ltd., was an intensive 15 hours of software professional training. Each participant received a certificate of completion at the end of the course. ETAP is a modern industry-standard software used to simulate power systems.

The workshop was presented by Mr. Abdul-Rahman Sayed and others.

10 Apr

Robotics Workshop

IEEE-KFUPM organized a four-hour robotics workshop for KFUPM students. The workshop was divided into two sessions over two days. In the first session, participants were introduced to the training robot platform, set up the software, and performed some basic tasks. In the second session, more involved tasks and advanced techniques has been explained and performed.

The workshop was presented by Electrical engineering graduate student Mr. Mohanad Ahmed.