26 Feb

MATLAB Workshops

IEEE-KFUPM organized a three-day series of MATLAB training workshops for KFUPM students. The tutorials were given by Mr. Abdulrahman Mohammad, Mr. Tayseer Tuffaha, and Mr. Hussain Abdullatif. The workshops took place as follows:

Saturday Feb. 21: Beginner

Monday Feb. 23: Intermediate

Wednesday Feb. 25: Practical Problems

Students were given the choice to register for all or any of the sessions.

26 Feb

Orientation Open Interview

Mr. Maad Al-Owaifeer from IEEE-KFUPM gave a one-hour presentation about electrical engineering in the orientation building at KFUPM. The target audience were preparatory year students. The aim was to introduce them to the major, answer their questions, and clear any misconceptions they have about the discipline. Mr Al-Owaifeer is a Vice Chair at IEEE-KFUPM Student Branch and a graduate assistant at KFUPM’s Electrical Engineering department.

22 Feb

Introductory Meeting & Registration Sessions

Introductory Meeting (February 19):

Mr. Jaafar Ibrahim, secretary of IEEE Saudi Section, gave KFUPM students an overview about IEEE. His presentation contained three main parts. In the first part, Mr. Ibrahim introduced the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE, to the audience. Then, in the second part, he spoke about the Saudi sections and IEEE student branches around the kingdom. After that, for the third part, Mr. Jaafar explored the professional and academic benefits associated with the IEEE membership and encouraged students to participate. Finally, there was a Q&A session in which Mr. Jaafar on behalf of Dr. Ibrahim ElAmin and Dr. Mohammad AlMuhainy, both faculty members at KFUPM and officers at IEEE Saudi Section, answered questions from the audience.

Registration Sessions (February 19-21):

The branch conducted 5 registration sessions for students without credit cards who wanted to register for IEEE memberships.