PES Quiz Questions and Answers

  1. Which is the State Bird of Kerala?
  2. Which State instituted lottery for the first time in India?
  3. To which language the word Tsunami is associated?-
  4. In which constituency bye election was conducted owing to the demise of G. Karthikeyan?
  5. Who won the first Jnan Pith Award in India?
  6. To which sports the word “Zugzwang” associated?
  7. In which continent is Victoria Lake?
  8. Which country launched India’s first Satellite “Aryabhata”?
  9. Which country won the FIFA Under 20 World Cup in 2015?
  10. Who took 8 wickets in the first innings of the fourth Ashes Test in 2015?
  11. In which country First International Convention on Environment was held?
  12. What term is used to describe the transition zone between two ecosystems?
  13. What is the name of the passage between South America and Antarctica?
  14. What is the name of the on line newspaper started by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  15. Name the Indian who is appointed as the CEO of Google.
  16. Which Indian won Booker Prize for the first time?
  17. Who is the proponent of Chipko Movement?
  18. Who is the first Muslim Prime Minister?
  19. Who is the author of Good Earth?
  20. In which state is Haridwar situated?
  21. In how many states a party should be recognised in order to get recognition as a National Party?
  22. For which the village in Kozhikode District, Kolavippara famous?
  23. Which party does Barak Obama, the President of USA, represent?
  24. Which foreign missionary was called “Deena Bandhu” by Indians
  25. Who did the first heart transplant surgery?
  26. Who is the known as the father of cellular phone?
  27. Which country approved trade unions for the first time?
  28. Who was the first lady member of Indian Parliament from Kerala?
  29. Which was the first College established in Kerala?
  30. Who is the author of the novel “Ummachu”?
  31. Which Kerala Minister introduced Lottery Scheme in the State?
  32. Which item is working on the principle of Total Internal Reflection?
  33. Which is the longest river in Kerala?
  34. Who holds the record of the longest serving member of Kerala Legislature Assembly?
  35. In which state is Nagarhola National park situated?
  36. What is the tagline of IEEE?
  37. Which is the most abundant element in human body?
  38. Which mathematician won Nobel Prize for literature?
  39. What do we call 10100
  40. Who won UEFA Champions League in 2014–15?
  41. Who won the World Chess Championship 2014?
  42. How many Technical Societies has IEEE?
  43. Who is the current President of IEEE?
  44. What is the current membership of IEEE to the nearest 1000?
  45. What is the expansion of WIE, an affinity group of IEEE?
  46. Which country refused the proposal of USA to send military to Iraq?
  47. How many members are nominated to the Rajya Sabha?
  48. Who was first Indian Ambassador to China?
  49. Who said, “Laws grind the poor, and rich men rule the law”?
  50. Washington DC is the capital of USA. What does the abbreviation DC stands for?


  1. Great Hornbill
  2. Kerala
  3. Japanese
  4. Aruvikkara
  5. G. Sankara Kurup
  6. Chess
  7. Africa
  8. Soviet Union
  9. Serbia
  10. Stuart Broad
  11. Stockholm
  12. Ecotone
  13. Drake Passage
  14. Billion Beats
  15. Sunder Pitchai
  16. Arundhathi Roy
  17. Sunderlal Bahuguna
  18. Benazir Bhutto
  19. Pearl S. Beck
  20. Utharanjal
  21. Four States
  22. Turtle Beach
  23. Democratic Party
  24. C.F. Andrews
  25. Dr Christian Bernard
  26. Martin Cooper
  27. England
  28. Annie Mascrene
  29. CMS College, Kottayam
  30. P.C. Kuttikrishnan-(Uroob)
  31. P.K. Kunju
  32. Fibre Optic Cable
  33. Periyar
  34. K.M. Mani
  35. Karnataka
  36. Advancing Technology for Humanity
  37. Oxygen
  38. Bertrand Russel
  39. Googol
  40. F.C. Barcelona
  41. Magnus Carlsen
  42. 39
  43. Howard E. Michael
  44. 426,000
  45. Women in Engineering
  46. India
  47. 12
  48. Sardar K.M. Panicker
  49. Oliver Goldsmith
  50. District of Columbia