Coordination of NFPA and IEEE Consensus Document Development

In this recorded teleconfrence (May 6, 2015) from the IEEE Education and Healthcare Facilities Electrotechnology Committee, experts¬†discuss driving safety and sustainability concepts originating in the reconfigured IEEE Industrial Applications Society “Color Books” (now the IEEE 3000 series of recommended practice) into the National Electrical Code.
Moderated by Mike Anthony (Senior Manager National Infrastructure Standards Strategy, University of Michigan) with guest Jim Harvey (Manager, Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan Health System).
Additional attendees include: 

Lorne Clark, Manager of Electrical Engineering, University of AlbertaMark Earley, Chief Electrical Engineer, National Fire Protection AssociationCasey Grant, Director of NFPA Research FoundationEd Larson, Engineering Manager, Schnieder Electrical, Principal NEC Panels 2 and 11