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Networking with Professionals

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Mr. Abdullah Ash-Saki, current SAC chair, IEEE Bangladesh Section, worked in the Health, Environment and Safety Dept of Chevron for almost 3 years after completing his graduation from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

Now, he is going to join as a RA in the Pennsylvania State University. He will be leaving Bangladesh at the end of this month.

He has been an IEEE volunteer for 5 years. During this time, he has played several key leadership roles. He was the treasurer of IEEE BUET Student Branch where he along with his friends and fellow volunteers initiated one of the largest robotics contest in the country, International Robotics Contest (IRC). Currently, he is the Membership Development Coordinator for IEEE Bangladesh Section.
In personal space, he likes volunteering. He likes to work for something that can bring positive change among students and to society.

He can talk about how he prepared for academia, his past job life, basics of CV and resume and volunteering.

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Come and learn the last few words from Abdullah Ash-Saki, to boost your networking skills and how to present yourself from the complicated job market and interviews !!

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