End of 2024 Spring Semester

To help end the semester off strong, we held two separate social events in Downtown Chico. The first event was held again at the Social Coin-Op and the second event was held at Burgers and Brew. Everyone had a great time and it was a nice way to end the semester!

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IEEE Rising Stars Conference

This past January, IEEE Rising Stars held a conference designed to bring young engineers and students together to network and inspire one another. An IEEE Rising Stars Conference is held every year that has several different beneficial opportunities, including listening to and networking with technical speakers, developing professional skills, participating in workshops and competitions, and building future career opportunities. One student, Karl Ventayen, further describes this experience, “IEEE Rising Stars is an enriching experience. I enjoyed attending panels, meeting with industry professionals, and networking with other like minded people. I would definitely recommend this experience to students who are interested in learning more about the field.”.

For more information, visit: About Us – IEEE Rising Stars (ieee-risingstars.org).

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Coin-Op Social 2.0

We had such a blast with everyone at the Coin-Op Social previously, we thought it’d be great to hold another event! Thank you for all that came out to play some games with the club!

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Recap: First OPS Meeting

Last Friday, we had the first meeting for OPS and we learned about Microcontrollers. Thank you Nathan and Josh for helping arrange this project. We are all looking forward to see what else is in store for this project later this semester.

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Meeting Resources:

Project 1 instructions: https://openproject.space/potentiometer-blink/

For this lab we created a LED flicker effect whose speed was determined by a potentiometer.

Recap: Chico Preview Day

Saturday Morning on the 6th of November was Chico Preview Day. We represented both the IEEE Student Branch, the IEEE Honors Society (HKN), and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Micromouse set up a demonstration and several prospective students came to our table and inquired about the department and what we do. It was a great day to show people what we do as a club and department and we are looking forward to meeting the students of the incoming school year.

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