FERVOUR X ( archives 2017-18 )

BVPIEEE is back to spark those neurons in your head with Fervour X : A.I. Am Back. Buckle up for 8th March 2018, as we proudly present the tenth edition of our annual TechFest, with this year’s theme being Artificial Intelligence.

Here is the teaser for this much awaited fest, wait sorry it is not just a fest, it is a whole journey in itself. So be there and live it !


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The following sub chapters are collaborating again to make”  Fervour X : AI am back ! “ one hell of a success, BVPIEEE-RAS, BVPIEEE-CS, BVPIEEE-IAS, BVPIEEE-WIE and BVPIEEE-HKN. 

We offer competitions not only in the technical domain but also there are many fun events too. So savour the delights of this mix of technical and non-technical delicacy.

Check out this spoiler for getting a quick view of the major events,

 The detailed description of the events is as follows,

Here comes our flagship events,

  • HACKTIVATE view )

Gear up for HACKTIVATE, a 24-hour development hackathon for undergraduates at FERVOUR X, which will test your originality and problem solving ability. 25 teams will battle it out by implementing an idea for a theme of their choosing from the given options on the day of the event…


Technovation is the flagship event of Fervour X and is a Project exhibition and competition where BVPIEEE is inviting teams from colleges to submit their projects through a call for abstracts, based on which shortlisted Projects would be exhibited in Fervour X …

List of the rest of major events,


“Code with force, you must”
BVPIEEE is all set to thrill the inner coder in you and let your young codawan go through the Jedi coding competition
Enter the world of Star Wars with a series of Competitive Coding Problems and help Luke to reach the center of the Death Star and save the planets from destruction…

  • ROBOSTACLE ( view )

Imagine a WIPEOUT Challenge with controlled robots participating to manoeuvre their way to the end point. Fervour X is where it’s at! BVPIEEE’s robotics and Automation Society is here with an event for all the robot racing enthusiasts out there. ROBOSTACLE (an amalgam of robots and obstacles) will put you and your remote controlled robot to one of the most rigorous responsiveness, speed and stability test…


The Line Follower Challenge is all set to test your autonomous robot building skills.

The task at hand is to build a basic LFR(line following robot) which can follow lines through sharp edges, curves and gaps, and reach the finish line in the shortest possible time…


A goal without a plan is just a wish”
The execution of an idea largely depends on the way you sell it to the world. Keeping this fact in mind, BVPIEEE-IAS proudly brings to you a platform where you not only get to bluster your already existing entrepreneurial skills but also enhance them in an interpretative way in FERVOUR X…


Fervour X presents it’s biggest food combat for third year in the row. Enticing your taste buds, this event will surely lure you in. Be there to prove your hunger above all else and get awarded for it too. Look forward to exciting food challenges and even more exciting prizes.

All you have to do is: Eat, Compete others in this time based trial, Finish fast and first.

Registration links/forms for the events are updated on their respective pages. So be there at our beautiful campus and live the dream. We will be waiting . . .

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