IEEE International Women’s Day 2019

Organized by: WIE Affinity group BITM.

Venue: Auditorium, BITM, Ballari.

Coordinator: Chair of WIE Mrs Nilam Chedda and Branch Counselor Dr. Manjula R

Number of participants: 300+. 

About the event:International Women’s day was celebrated in Ballari Institute of Technology and Management (BITM) by WIE Affinity Group in association with IEEE Student Branch BITM. The one-day programme was sponsored by daughters and granddaughters of Late Shree. Basavarajeshwari, founding chair of Basavarajeshwari Group of Institutions and former Union Minister of the Sate for Women and Child Development.

The event commenced with the inaugural function of  the newly formed WIE Affinity Group, BITM in presence of our Chief guest Ms. Anandi Giridharan, Principal Research Scientist, IISC Bengaluru the Deputy Director Prof Prithviraj  Y J,  and all female members of BITM. The inaugural session included lightening the lamp followed by an invocation song  by Ms.Swati, student member, IEEE. The opening remarks of the event were given by our deputy director Prof. Prithviraj Y J, that included enlightening us on the noble services extended, by our founder and chair Late. Shree. Basavarajeshwari, towards the upliftment of women and children welfare. Following these, the IEEE coordinator and student branch counsellor, Dr Manjula R, Senior Member IEEE, faculty in the dept. of ECE, shared the views of IEEE and the benefits of being the member, as well as her experiences of being the part of  IEEE so far.Next, the  program proceeded with the power point presentation by Ms. Prathiba Shanbog, student member IEEE, who expressed the views on  “Women’s  Empowerment” on-behalf-of  Dr. Smruthi Nalawadi,  Women’s Heart and Health Specialist, Internal Medicine, California, USA – who thinks a lot for women’s welfare  and their empowerment. Further, the stage was taken over by our chief guest Ms. Anandi Giridharan, who spoke about Women’s struggle: Balance Family and Profession. The talk was about women’s struggle of balancing both family and profession/research. It strengthened us to be self dependent and confident so that we can smoothly manage all the chores of  both the life styles. Further, the guest also shed light on ongoing research at IISC Bengaluru in her department that includes research work on communication protocol, ubiquitous learning, machine learning, etc. Shared some best moments of  IISc IEEE events to motivate our female scholars. After the talk, the chief guest was honored with a memento as a token of appreciation.

Talk on Human rights in Indian Law System.

Talk on Human rights in Indian Law System.Date:  09th May 2019.

Organized by: WIE Affinity group BITM.

Venue: CSE Seminar hall, BITM Ballari.

Coordinator: Chair of WIE Mrs Nilam Chedda and  Branch Counselor Dr. Manjula R.

Number of participants:  

About the event: WIE Affinity Group BITM has organised a talk on human rights by Ms. Sonali Nalin Shah dated on 9th May 2019, for all the engineering students of BITM. M. Sonali is Judge by profession holding deputy registrar position at Nagpur High Court. The major interest of the session is to create awareness among the engineering students regarding Indian Law Sytem and to educate them about the basic human rights. The session has also helped the audience to know about the actions to take at the time of emergencies or at the time of any offence as an individual. In-fact they were also made familiar regarding the important steps to be taken which are also a part of human rights. Ms. Sonali shared all her experience among the students regarding the cases she handled and the role of youth in such situations. She has thrown light on the vacancies of engineers in the Law System which helped the students to think about career building in Indian Law System. Over all the session was carried out for 1 hours and marked it’s success at the end.

National Science Day.

Organized by: WIE Affinity group BITM.

Venue: LH 3, BITM Ballari.

Coordinator: Chair of WIE Mrs Nilam Chedda and  Branch Counselor Dr. Manjula R.

QTPI Robotics Workshop in Jindal School.


Organized by: WIE Affinity group BITM.

Venue: JSM School, Jindal, Torangalu, Ballari.

Coordinator: Chair of WIE Mrs Nilam Chedda and Branch Counselor Dr. Manjula R.

About the event: It was three hours workshop planned for school students of 5th to 10th grade by WIE Affinity Group BITM in association with QTPI Robotics, Bangalore at Jvm school in jindal, torangalu, Ballari to motivate School children towards technology development as a career opportunity along with developing creative thinking of students on how to break down complex problems into manageable pieces and solve them by using simple methods to split the complexity  further carrying out hands on session on Robotics. We have identified children’s interest in Design /Electronics /Software and hone their skill set with the help of rapid fire questions. We have also motivated girls for technical education. Children were happy to acquire knowledge about Robotics basic components. They have developed an application using innovative and kids friendly, Arduino based robotic kit consisting of mainboard, sensors, actuators, building blocks and mobile app developed by QTPI Robotics. These kits were provided to participants to develop an application by working in teams. Virtually infinite types of robots can be built using the kit. Imagination is unlimited. Some examples are RC Car, Jeep, Truck, Smart Street Light,Line Follower Robot etc. 

The workshop has also helped to build Teamwork attitude, presentation skills and affinity towards technical education.     Example:

STAR Program.

Date: 31st July 2019.

Organized by: WIE Affinity group BITM.

Venue: Government Higher Primary Scholl, Kudathini, Ballari.

Coordinator: Chair of WIE Mrs Nilam Chedda and Branch Counselor Dr. Manjula R

About the event: In line with the objectives as set by the IEEE WIE STAR, we WIE Affinity Group BITM along with Student Branch of BITM, had organized an one-day awareness program on science, mathematics and engineering to both Girls as well as boys 
of government high school , Kudatini, Ballari.

The event was planned in two sesions. The morning session started with introduction of team members, objectives of IEEE WIE STAR program, then followed by slide presentation about science, engineering, and different branches in engineering undergraduate course,  each one explained in detail with illustratiuons. 

During the lunch break we had slapping plantation program. 

Post lunch, we had a sessions on career opportunities as well as on entrance exams to enter into engineering institutes through standard entrance exams – covering both national and international exams. The last session comprised of demos showing simple science experiments such as glowing an LED using graphite pencils and a batter etc., and self-watering system for plants – through capillary action. The objective of these demos was to create inquisitiveness among students. 
Finally, the event was concluded with thanking ceremony, sharing experiences, and photo session.

Women’s day 2020

Date: 5th March  2020

Venue: SH-5 and SH-6 of 3rd floor, Millenium Block

Organized by: WIE Affinity Group

Resource persons: Dr.Aradhana, Branch counselor, IEEE SB BITM

Coordinator: Branch counsellor, BITM: Dr.Aradhana

About the event: Sharing the  Knowledge about women empowerment.

International  women’s  day was celebrated in Ballari Institute of technology and management (BITM) by WIE Affinity Group in association with IEEE student branch BITM.

We had a half day event, we started the session with invocation song by Swathi.On behalf of Women’s day celebration we have conducted a  technical event  for the first year students of BITM (only girls).  This event  had  two rounds, first round was quiz and second round was pick and speak, who got selected in first round they were qualified for second round. We invited judges for the second round faculty from ECE Dept. Prathibha Shanbog  and  Dr.Rajashree V Biradar, Dept. of CSE.

Competition consists of 8 teams, each group is of two members. First round performance was considered on the team and the second round was taken as individual competition and then certification distribution to the winners by the judges. Overall it was a good session to promote women and encourage them. Finally, the session culminated by honoring  the judges with a token of appreciation.

Event starting time: 3:00pm

Event ending time: 5:00pm

Duration of program: 2 hours