Volunteer Resources

IEEE is worldwide organization that serves as a resource for engineers, researchers, and scientists, and acts as
a catalyst for technological innovation.
Driven by volunteers, IEEE:
Provides educational resources
• Furnishes career guidance
• Hosts local technical, professional,
educational and social activities
• Leads the way in standards development

Give your expertise
As an IEEE volunteer, you will play a key
role in the future of the organization.
From technical and student activities,
to student outreach, membership
development, and history – you can have
a say in your area of expertise.
Plan meetings
• Chair a committee
• Evaluate award candidates
• Mentor students

Grow professionally
Now you can contribute your knowledge, plus connect and network with peers, technical experts and business
competitors in your field of interest.
Gain management and leadership skills for your career
• Expand your understanding of your chosen profession
• Enhance the public perception and image of engineers
                           It’s all part of the “give and grow” aspect of the volunteer experience.

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