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  • To give engineering students a chance to apply their knowledge to solve a real-life problem.
  • To encourage students to take up a hands-on approach to supplement their theoretical knowledge and gather key implementation skills.
  • To mend the disconnect between the research efforts between the academia and the student community by providing a direct forum of discussion and brainstorming.
  • To help create an environment of active research and development.

Motivation Factor

  • It is found that any student who does research needs a constant source of motivation to end up with a complete product.
  • Most projects are left in a state of abandon after the initial excitement wanes.
  • To counter this issue, the EIR community could issue cert2ificates from IEEE to those members whose projects are deemed to be complete by the Chief Mentor.

Project Completion Criteria

  • A project is to be deemed to be complete when:
  • A viable solution has been implemented or simulated to solve the problem which the project addressed.
  • A hardware implementation of an existing solution is taken up and completed by the student(s).
  • For any Persistence-Of-Vision projects, the projects may be deemed complete only at the mentor’s discretion.


  • The EIR could also have an end of the year exhibition of all the projects with the best projects being rewarded with a prize.
  • Also, there can be a special reward to the person who has completed most projects in an academic year.
  • All members would get a certificate of participation annually, provided:
  • A minimum of 1 project is to be deemed complete.
  • For an open access project, the project should have achieved any one of the objectives it was originally started for.


  • The forum could strike deals with companies and startups which provide components and other resources to give EIR members a discount.
  • The forum could hold networking sessions with startups and corporations to get members aligned to the most-recent trend in the industry.
  • The forum could hold talent-hunt for companies and that can provide a platform for student to get hired/intern on their skills.
  • The forum can also help members get funded by IEEE/Incubators in case of a viable idea.


  •  The forum will be under the direct supervision of the mentor of the Amrita IEEE Student Branch- Bangalore.
  • The responsibility of the forum activities and logistics are to be taken up by the Forum Convener who would keep track of all the members and the groups taking part in forum activities.
  • The Convener will work in synchronization with the student branch to make the forum work efficiently.

Membership rules

  • The forum is a sub-group of the IEEE organization. Therefore, all members should necessarily have an active IEEE membership.
  • No member is allowed to participate in more than 3 projects at any point of time.
  • The decisions of the mentor are Binding and Final in case of any dispute.

I² Office Bearers:

Chairperson: Aditya Sai Kilaru (V Sem ECE)

Vice Chairperson: Dhruthi Varna (V Sem ECE)

Secretary: Neha Raj (V Sem EEE)

Treasurer: Manikantha (V Sem ECE)

Executive Members:

Charan Bharadwaj(III Sem ECE)

Shiva (III Sem ECE)

Nagendra (III Sem ECE)

Likesh (III Sem ECE)