IEEE Amrita

October 25th, 2018

IEEE WIE Affinity group of Amrita School of Engineering(SBA63931) Student Branch chapter, Bengaluru conducted an exciting event (SOCIO NET BEE) in the campus on 18-01-2018 from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in A305 class room. It is basically a fun based event and a place to get your ideas supported by many in a very less time. 20 students participated for the same where 4 people were in a group. One person from every group is selected by them and need spread their idea and get support from the other four groups in less time. This is same for all other four in the group. Finally the group with more support from other groups is the queen of the game. Here the group with idea of a “FOOD TRUCK “ is supported by many and stood as the queen of game.

October 25th, 2018

IEEE WIE Affinity group of Amrita School of Engineering(SBA63931) Student Branch chapter, Bengaluru organized an event based on the ritual on first day (14-01-2018 from 5.30AM to 6.30AM) of Pongal festival that is BHOGI MANTALU in the campus. Bhogi mantalu is basically a bonfire. Girls danced around the bonfire, singing songs in praise of the gods.

No of girls participate :15.

February 20th, 2018

IEEE Student Branch of Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore Campus supported by IEEE Communication Society Bangalore Chapter is organizing highly skilled and demanding 2-day national workshop on

System-on-Chip Architecture for Mixed Mode Applications (SoCAMMA): with an emphasis on Field Programmability for Rapid Prototyping.

Limited seats- Register here and book your seat in advance :

Date: 23-24 March 2018

Venue: Amrita School of Engineering , Bangalore Campus, Kasavanahalli, Bangalore, 560035

Learn the Prototype Development. The Unique Opportunity !

Program Schedule  (SoCAMMA Schedule _v5)

Day 1 (23 March, Friday), 2018
08:30-09:30 Registration
9:30-10:00 Inauguration
10:00-10:45 Dr P V Ananda Mohan

VP (Retd) CDAC

Invited talk –


10:45-11:15 Tea Break
11:15-12:00 Hitesh Garg,

NXP India

“Ultra Low power Trends in Semiconductor Products and new directions for Analog Building Blocks”
12:00-12:45 Ms Swathi G

Texas Instrument

SoC Design and Testing
12:45-13:45 Lunch
13:45-16:30 Ms Vidya Vishwnathan

Amod Anandkumar,

Mathworks Inc.

Designing and Implementing Advanced Signal Processing Systems using MATLAB and Simulink with the leverage of HDL Coder™ and HDL Verifier™ to explore design choices to accelerate your FPGA and ASIC verification,
15:00-15:15 Tea Break
Day 2 (24 March, Friday), 2018
9:00-9:45 Prof Subajit Sen

IIIT Bangalore

Digitally Assisted Analog & Mixed Signal Design








Dr Ganesan Thiagrajan




Dr Javed GS

Terminus Circuits Pvt Ltd

Embedded RF Design




SerDes Design

11:45-12:40 Dr. Pratap Kumar Das,

Achronix Semiconductor Corp

Embedded FPGA
12:40-13:45 Lunch
13:45-17:00 Mr. Rajesh et. al.,

Oppila Microsystems


Demo on Anadigm’s FPAA (Field Programmable Analog Array)
15:30-16:00 Tea Break



Learn the Prototype Development. The Unique Opportunity !



January 16th, 2018

Do you have any ideas that could be revolutionary??!
Do you want to know how many people would support your idea!!
Then this could be the best place for you to invest your time
IEEE – WIE is conducting a cool activity to learn how one could socially network. We assure you would learn many aspects of network in a group of people in very less time.
It’s a fun based event open to all.


January 5th, 2018

First ComSoc AGM is planned on 7th Jan, Co-located with Bangalore Section AGM. Kindly attend

December 23rd, 2017

Bangalore Section

Annual General Body Meeting

The AGM is scheduled to be held on Sunday, 7th January 2018 at Shangri-La Hotel, No.56-6B, Palace Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052, at 10:00 AM.
2017 being the 40th year of IEEE Bangalore Section, we have had a major function. IEEE Bangalore Section conducts major technical events like conferences, symposia, tutorials and workshops on cutting edge technologies covering a wide range of fields.  The AGM is an opportunity to interact with other members, enrich your professional lives as well as promote your career interests, enhance your understanding of the Section and its activities. You can also meet the new office bearers for the year 2018 and offer your valuable suggestions and services too – so that the Section is better aware of your needs and can attend to the aspirations of all the members. The members are encouraged to bring their spouse for this AGM and the lunch that follows it.  Kindly make a note of the date in your planner and we look forward to your attending and active participation at the AGM.
Since the section has to arrange for lunch and memento, you are requested to communicate your participation (with/without spouse) by registering on following link by 28th Dec 2017.   This will help us to arrange the event in a much better way.  Your cooperation in this regard is highly solicited.
For Registration, please use the below link-
Please bring your Ticket Printout or the email Ticket and Show it to the Registration Desk at AGM Venue.  

October 24th, 2017

Amrita RAS organizes One day Workshop on

Cutting Edge Space Technologies

The speakers are from ISRO, Bangalore. All are invited to attend.


One day Workshop – Organised by IEEE-RAS Chapter of ASE & Co-hosted by ISSE/LPSC (B)

 Date    : 28.10.2017

Venue : Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore

8.00 Hrs. – 9.00 Hrs.                            Registration

9.00 Hrs. – 9.30 Hrs.                            Inauguration

9.30 Hrs. – 10.30 Hrs.                          Key note address by Chief Guest   Shri S. Ramakrishnan

Distinguished Professor (Former Director, VSSC)

“Access to Space & Space Exploration: Impact over life on Earth – A Perspective”

10.30 Hrs. – 10.45 Hrs.                       Interactive Session

10.45 Hrs. – 11.00 Hrs.                        Tea Break

11.00 Hrs. – 12.00 Hrs.                        Dr. MM Nayak, Emeritus Professor, CeNSE, IISc (Former Director, LVPO, ISRO HQ)

“MEMS Sensors for Space Application”

12.00 Hrs. – 12.15 Hrs.                       Shri Ramakrishna Raman, Director, INCOSE

“System Engineering Aspects – Overview”

12.15 Hrs. – 13.15 Hrs.                        Smt. T.K. Anuradha, Programme Director, GEOSAT, ISAC

“Satellites & Space-crafts – An Overview”

13.15 Hrs. – 13.45 Hrs.                        Lunch Break

13.45 Hrs. – 14.45 Hrs.                        Smt. Nigar Shaji, Project Director, Aditya-L1, ISAC “Deep Space Missions”

14.45 Hrs. to 15.45 Hrs.                      Shri R. Shashishekhar, GH-LPSC (B)“Spacecraft Propulsion-Challenges and Solutions”

 15.45 Hrs. – 16.00 Hrs.                        Tea Break

16.00 Hrs. – 17.00 Hrs.                        Shri K.M. Shanbhogue, GH-LPSC (B)“Advanced  Spacecraft Propulsion Systems”

17.00 Hrs. – 17.30 Hrs.                        Concluding Session

Vote of Thanks President-ISSE, Bengaluru Chapter

October 1st, 2017

While world benefits from what’s new, IEEE focusses on what’s next. So, coming up next for you all is IEEE Week. Oct 3, 2017 will be celebrated as IEEE Day all over the world with the theme “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow “. To celebrate this, IEEE Student Branch, Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore brings to you

A week dedicated to science and technology!

Oct 3 ( Tuesday): IEEE RAS and WIE -Poster Making Competition on Robotics Applications

Oct 4 ( Wednesday): IEEE PES – Energizer, A Talk on Batteries

Oct 5 (Thursday): IEEE PELS- Electronic Project Expo

Oct 6( Friday): IEEE ComSoc – Applications of Matlab

So, join us in Rama Hall from 3:30 p.m. this week from Tuesday to Friday on a mission to Advancing Technology for Humanity!!

September 13th, 2017

Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Inauguration @ Amrita School of Engineering

0n 15th Sep, 2017 starting from 1:30pm.

You may be knowing that few months before, Amrita School of Engineering has got the approval for Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Student Branch Chapter. Dr Sudarshan TSB is the chair of RAS Chapter and Mr Nippun is the faculty advisor at Amrita for RAS SBC.

We are planning for official inauguration of the  RAS SBC on this Friday that is 15th Sep, from 1:30pm – 4:30pm.  In addition to the formal inauguration ceremony, we have two expert speakers from Invento Tech and ABB who have agreed to deliver the talk.

All are invited. Please confirm your participation.