Detection of Brain Tumour – IEEE Week 2017

DATE: 6/10/2017




On celebrating the IEEE week, Communication Society(COMSOC)  chapter conducted a session on the fourth day of the week about “The detection of Brain Tumor  using MATLAB” .

P.Nikhil, Chair of IEEE COMSOC (3rd year, ECE) introduced the event “Detection of brain tumor using MATLAB” to the large gathering.

In the 1st part of the session Anurag C H (3rd year, ECE) exhibited a presentation and explained about What a brain tumor is, about MRI scan, steps involved in tumor detection, a grey scale imaging and a high pass filter which stirred the viewers with amazement.

In the later part of the session, Naveen Chandra (3rd year, ECE) shared his talent about segmentation techniques which involves sub topics of edge detection, fuzzy based segmentation, threshold segmentation, watershed segmentation, and a feature extraction at his best with a video and concluded  his session by telling that all the above following sequence of steps used to detect brain tumor using MATLAB software.

Finally, Shravan Mohan, Vice Chair of IEEE COMSOC concluded the event by thanking all the participants for attending this event and making it a huge success.