• Volunteering for ICCE-ASIA'17

April 2017


RASE, a national level robotics competition was conducted on the 8th and 9th of April 2017. This event was organized along with ACROM (Amrita Club for Robotics and Mechatronics) of ASE-B . The event consisted of four different themed competitions namely LIFO, Robo Soccer, Death race and Robo wars. The turnout of the event was huge with 83 teams registering, out of which 40 teams were from other colleges in Karnataka and southern states.….more


September 2017

Basic Hands on Workshop:

A basic hands on workshop was conducted on the September 9th and 10th of 2017 along with ACROM(Amrita Club for Robotics and Mechatronics of ASE-B). This workshop saw to the learning of basic Arduino programming and the interfacing of it with different sensors. At the end of the workshop, the participants had learnt how to make a line follower robot, an edge detecting and obstacle avoiding bot, and control a bot using a Bluetooth module. This event too had great amount of participation. A total of 85 teams had registered which broke the previous record of 83.….more

Inauguration of IEEE RAS:

The 15th of September, saw to the inauguration of IEEE RAS chapter,ASE-B. This event had eminent speakers such as  Mr. Amit Goyal the head of R&D in ABB robotics and Mr.Balaji Viswanathan, VP of products at Invento Technologies giving a talk on their company’s products and the current trends in robotics and technologies. The event had the presence of the IEEE Bengaluru section secretary Mr. B N Pal who also came to the dais to speak about IEEE Bangalore’s contributions to technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.….more


October 2017

IEEE Week:

On the 2nd of October, IEEE RAS in collaboration with IEEE WIE of ASE-B, conducted a poster making competition on the application of robotics as part of the IEEE week. Students made posters and gave a talk on what they know about robotics, its applications and what they thought of while making the poster.

Volunteering for ICCE-Asia:

IEEE RAS chapter Bangalore section along with consumer electronics society organized the 2nd international conference on Consumer Electronics Asia. This conference was held on the 5th , 6th and 7th of October in Hotel Courtyard Marriot. This conference had many speakers presenting their papers and many startups displaying their products. There were a few keynote sessions, where reputed speakers from CE BOG, Qualcomm Technologies, IIT Madras, Revvx ,Cyient spoke about a few interesting topics, giving enlightenment and encouraging interactive participation. The event ended with a panel discussion between a few selected speakers where interesting topics were brought up and discussed by them bringing out various ideas. This session was followed by the valedictory.


Aarohan’17 ASE-B, which was held on the 12th and 13th of October, had many events for school students. Circuitricks was conducted by IEEE RAS in collaboration with IEEE Comsoc for senior category students. This event helped test their understanding of concepts on electric circuits. The students were given many questions which had to be answered in a limited time frame, thus qualifying the best to the next round. IEEE RAS along with ACROM, also conducted Yantra and Mocktail  for the students,which tested their knowledge on science and technology, hydraulic pressure and their creativity skills. All the 3 events had great amount of participation and received good reviews.

Cutting Edge Space Technologies:

IEEE RAS, ASE-B along with ISSE/LPSC(B)conducted a 1 say seminar on the 28th of October in Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore. This event had speakers from IISC, INCOSE,ISAC talk  about various topics such as the overview of the satellites and systems, MEMS sensors, systems engineering and space exploration. The event had about 500 students participating, which made the session all the more interactive and interesting, giving both the students and the speakers a sumptuous experience.…….more


In today’s world of rapidly advancing technology, robotics has been a promising field, researching, designing, and building new robots serve various practical purposes. ACROM (Amrita Club for Robotics and Mechatronics) and IEEE RAS student chapter have been constantly promoting students to experiment in the field of robotics. SENTIENCE’17 is one such effort to identify, encourage, and promote the best minds right here in Amrita school of engineering, Bengaluru.

SENTIENCE’17, a two-day intra-collegiate fest comprised of two exciting events – LIFO and TRON. The first round is organized on 22nd of December and the grand finale on Christmas Adam- holiday season for most of the students but adrenaline filled moments for the contestants.

The objective of LIFO being -building an autonomous robot that can trace the 30-meter long black line leading its way to the finish in the least possible time.

The objective of TRON – lash without a lag to bag the tag mighty robots, combat and whisk through the hurdles to the victory! The contestants are required to build fast and furious blue-tooth controlled robots that race its way to the finish in the least possible time.

SENTIENCE’17 had a huge response, for both the events and 4 teams have made their way the grand finale!

Few contestants claim that SENTIENCE’17 has helped them to make debut in the world of robotic competitions, while few others regard SENTIENCE’17 as a warm-up for the Annual National Level Robotic Competition RASE’18.

SENTIENCE’17 has not only left the contestants with memorable moments but also inspired them to build something bigger and better enhancing them to contribute to the advancing field of robotics.