Past Events

  • Basic Hands on Workshop 2018

The Mission is to foster the development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological
knowledge in Robotics and Automation that benefits members, the profession and humanity and the
VisionĀ is to be the most recognized and respected global organization in Robotics and Automation.
This given mission and vision is carried forward by the student branch chapter in Amrita school of
engineering, Bangalore branch by the events that have been conducted in the past years. This club
IEEE-RAS is a newly inaugurated during 2017 academic year only. In-spite of being a new club, we
have conducted a successful national level event RASE’17., cutting edge space technologies, and
many more events which are very useful to innovate and enhance the competitive spirit of every
student rekindling their interest in the field of automation and technology which the society is looking
forward tomorrow. This club conducts events in order to promote and encourage the students who
have a scientific and technological ideas, or would like to get the starting point for getting a new point
in Robotics and Automation. This club with the events conducted shows a keen interest by opening its
arm to all the people who would like to create a change in technology or even to those who would like
to have the knowledges on all the changes in the society in terms of scientific technology. The club at
last would always keep its arm open towards all the learners, whose presence in the events might give
a better development and facilitate the automation world by rekindling their thought process and
strive to enlighten their brain to add a better value to the ocean of knowledge at least by a drop!

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