• Introduction to Robotics

August 2018

Introduction to Robotics:

On 7th August 2018, IEEE RAS in collaboration with ACROM conducted a seminar on robotics. The aim of the seminar was to give a brief description of what robotics is and to help spark an interest for robotics in the students.

The seminar started off with an interactive discussion between the speakers and the students regarding what they know about robotics. Later the speakers went on to talk about the scope of robotics, how it has impacted our lives, and so on. Components of a robot and other related topics were also discussed and the seminar ended on a light hearted note with the screening of some videos on robots.



Bootcamp was held on 11th August 2018 by IEEE RAS and ACROM to give students a brief introduction on Arduino programing, sensors, actuators etc.

In the first half of the workshop, the students learned about arduino’s basic operations and how to program them. In this half of the session the students used Tinkercad – virtual Arduino board and learned how the connections are to be made and how to code it so that it works in the way we require. The second half of the session was a theory session where the students learned in detail about motors, sensors, actuators, degrees of freedom etc.


September 2018

Talk on Agricultural Robotics:

IEEE RAS chapter Bangalore section along with ACROM organized a prelusive and propitious talk on Agricultural Robotics. This session was addressed by reputed speaker MR Manohar Sambandam , Co-founder & CEO of GROBOMAC, a Physics graduate from MCC, Chennai, and an engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore . The workshop took place on 6th September 2018 , under the auspices of Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore campus .The speaker threw light on some keypoints like Agri-tech robot, Green robot machinery, farm robotics machine, giving insight about Agricultural Robotics and its applications. The event continued with a informative discussion between the speaker and audience where interesting questions were asked and analysed. Finally the session ended by offering token of reverence to the chief guest. The session was very effective and explanatory.

Basic hands-on Robotics workshop:

The Robotics club of ASEB -ACROM and IEEE-RAS conducted a two day basic hands-on robotics workshop on the 8th and 9th of September,2018.

It was a two day workshop where the students found it exciting and informative in making small robots which could be coded using Arduino. The participants were taught to implement their previous knowledge in programming to code for a set of mind-blowing tasks to be performed by the bot. The tasks being:

  1. Line follower: The bot is coded to follow a black line with various twists and turns. The participants are taught the nuances of coding precisely, intricacy in calibrating sensor etc.
  2. Edge detector: Participants coded the bot to avoid an edge and retreat when it encounters one. The participants were also taught the advantages, uses and practical applications of these autonomous robot in day-to-day life and in large scale industries.
  3. Obstacle detector: Using ultrasonic sensors, the participants were taught to code their bots to sense the obstacles and then avoiding them by making the bot move in a different direction using Arduino.
  4. Bluetooth control: The bots were coded to follow instructions given by the participants via a Bluetooth app. This bot can be used in bot races as well! The participants indeed felt like Formula-1 racers on that day!!
  5. Sumo wrestler: To end the event on a light and fun-loving note, the bots were coded to sumo wrestle amongst one another.

Implementing this, we will definitely have tournaments at our college but with robots as participants instead!!


Robotics is the field that evokes common interest in engineers with different fields of interest and thus is a field of research and development that has a very promising future. The robotics club of our college-ACROM and IEEE-RAS, encourages and promotes the students to constantly give in their inputs and experiment different idea in the field of robotics.

Sentience-2k18, a two-day intra collegiate fest, is one such event, where the innovation, competitive spirit as well as their knowledge in coding a bot precisely to do the tasks is put to test.

The two very exciting events conducted at the fest are LIFO and TRON. The round one of LIFO was conducted on 15th of September where the participants had to code their bot to follow a black line track of 30ft long, the objective is to finish in the least time. 5 teams qualified to the Finale that was conducted on 16th of September, where the track was made more challenging for the participants by making it a 64ft track with challenging twists and turns.

The next event was TRON where the mighty robots had to whoosh its way to the victory crossing all the hurdles! The day two, was a one-on-one race, which tested the participants ability to control the bot and the endurance of the robot! The race made the audience to sit and watch at the edge of the seat and jump out of excitement! The race was all about metal-bushing-metal and Death Race!

The fest had a great response and two teams that won the individual events bagged amazing cash prices worth up to Rs.16,500!! The fest not only checked the coding ability of the participants but also gave them a reality-check by preparing them for the upcoming technical competitions and fest and also for the bigger picture of them contributing to the world of robotics.


October 2018



IEEE day was conducted on on the 2nd of October. This event was held at Cubbon Park in collaboration with all the chapters of IEEE. Various activities and fun games were held for the common people to participate. IEEE RAS conducted ‘Buzzwire’ which was very engaging for the public and all the activities had great amount of participation from the people. The event overall received good reviews from the public.




Aarohan’18 , which was held on the 29th and 30th of October, had many events for school students. On day 1, IEEE RAS conducted Circuitrix  for senior category students and Robocups for junior category students. This event helped test their understanding of concepts on electric circuits. The students were given many questions which had to be answered in a limited time frame, thus qualifying the best to the next round…more

Event ‘Race for Glory’, conducted on Day 2 of Aarohan was a massive success! The contestants had to race their robots through the challenging, tricky and tough tracks!! Students knowlwdge was also put to test in between the race as they had to answer few basic yet tricky questions in the shortest time possible! Three teams were qualified to the finals where they completed against each other in yet another tricky track!