Using International Standards of the System Non-Functional Requirements


February 5, 2019: 12.15 to 1.00PM


Abstract: The goal for this research work is to help project managers, organizations, and researchers to make informed decisions on project planning and software development projects in the early identification, specification, and measurement of the system-NFR for the embedded software. More specifically, this research aims at contributing to better define, describe, and measure the system-NFR allocated to software-FUR for real time and embedded software. The research objective is the early specification and measurement of software-FUR derived from system-NFR, using as a basis the systems and software engineering standards.

Speaker: Dr. Khalid Al-Sarayreh is an Associate Professor of Software Engineering at the Computer Science Department at Prince Sultan University and Hashemite University in Jordan. He has a PhD degree in Software Engineering from University of Québec at Montreal, Canada. He served during 25 years in both national and international institutions, such as KADDB Jordan, (GELOG Lab) at University of Quebec, Canada as a software engineering researcher with over 66 publications to his name in Software Measurement, Reuse and Standards (ECSS, IEEE and ISO).