Working Group Progress

P7006 Work in Progress Guiding Principles

The work in progress draft principles are created by the members of the P7006 working group with the objective to guide the more detailed work on the standard. The principles are work in progresss non-normative guidelines and should be viewed as such. They will be revisited and redrafted by the working group every 6 months in line with the development of the standard.

Individual agency: Human individual agency is always prioritized in agent agency.

The individual in society: The agent empowers and guides the individual in a given society with social norms and legal requirements and/or with respect to intercultural and jurisdictional challenges.

Data control: The individual should have ultimate control over personal data and data processing.

Human extension: The agent is an extension of the human individual and is never fully independent of the individual. It cannot enter into contracts or agreements on its own behalf.

Human rights by design: The agent reflects and protects universal human rights enshrined in the UNDHR.

Human comprehension and trust: All agent processes are designed in such a way that the individual trusts, understands and agrees to what the agent proposes to do.

Accountability: The agent will ensure accountability for any actions that it performs.

Security:  The agent is developed with verifiable security by design.

Equality of Agents: All agents should be made equal.

Recursive AI: All copies of agents should respect the same principles defining the original agents.

“Break the Glass” / “Kill Switch: It should always be possible for an appropriate or authoritative person to halt and reverse the actions of an agent.