Title: Standard for General Requirements and Interoperability for Internet of Clothing

Sponsoring Society and Committee: IEEE Consumer Electronics Society/Standards Committee (CES/SC)

Scope: This standard provides the definitions and terminologies, data structure and encoding scheme, reference information model for Internet of Clothing (IoC) system. Architectural framework, protocols and interface requirements are also defined to ensure interoperable, agile, and scalable network solutions and service delivery that are able to be implemented and maintained in a sustainable manner.

Purpose: This standard addresses interoperability, scalability and collaborative operation of Internet of Clothing (IoC) system and provides framework and requirements that outline technologies and the processes to ensure agile, reliable and sustainable solutions for the evolution of IoC. This standard facilitates the development of IoC products and solutions that can be integrated horizontally and leverage current instrumentation and devices used in industry, which provides for flexible IoC Networks with reduced cost and complexity.

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