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The IEEE-SA P2020 working group on automotive imaging standards was established in order to address the considerable ambiguity in measurement of image quality of automotive imaging systems, both human and computer vision based. This white paper outlines the goals, achievements, rationale and plans of the subgroup, which has started to work on development of a new standard.

Image quality plays a crucial role for both automotive viewing and automotive computer vision applications and today’s image evaluation approaches do not necessarily meet the needs of such applications. Currently there is not a consistent approach within the industry to measure automotive image quality.

The IEEE P2020 working group is attempting to remedy these deficiencies by connecting people in the field, identifying gaps in existing standards, and working to address these by creating a coherent set of key performance indicators by which camera systems and components may be evaluated in a manner consistent with their intended use.

Formal IEEE Standards Association Description

Title: Standard for Automotive System Image Quality

Scope:  This standard addresses the fundamental attributes that contribute to image and quality for automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications, as well as identifying existing metrics and other useful information relating to these attributes. It defines a standardized suite of objective and subjective test methods for measuring automotive camera image quality attributes, and it specifies tools and test methods to facilitate standards-based communication and comparison among OEM and Tier 1 system integrators and component vendors regarding automotive ADAS image quality.

Purpose: This standard specifies methods and metrics for measuring and testing automotive image quality to ensure consistency and create cross-industry reference points.

Stakeholders for the Standard: Automotive OEMs, Automotive Tier 1 suppliers, image processing software and hardware companies, optics companies, sensor manufacturers, safety certification bodies, end users (drivers).

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