Internet of Things (IoT) Summit at RWW2018
14-15 January 2018 – Anaheim, California

The Crucial Role of Wireless Communications in IoT

While IoT is a very multi-disciplinary undertaking one of the indispensable elements is the exploitation and utilization of wireless technologies across a very broad set of applications for industry, the public sector, academia, and for individuals in their everyday life. For IoT to succeed the current connectivity and communication options face significant challenges. These include among others:

  • How to provide the bandwidth needs for IoT within the physical constraints of noise, propagation, building penetration, and safe energy budgets for wireless operation;
  • How to make efficient use of “good” spectrum that can accommodate the projected densities of IoT nodes without interference and with high availability
  • How to deliver communications and connectivity to long lived sensors and actuators that have limited access to power sources
  • How to live within the constraints of size and weight for many of the platforms that seek IoT connectivity
  • How to provide the ubiquity needed for many of the IoT applications within the constraints of cost, performance, and sustainable business models