Internet of Things (IoT) Summit at RWW2018
14-15 January 2018 – Anaheim, California

Future activity for the Topical Working Group on Connectivity and Communications

The IEEE IoT Initiative has formed Vertical and Topical Working Groups devoted to the many issues faced by IoT. The purpose of each VTWG is to become a reliable source of knowledge for the IEEE IoT Initiative specializing in the understanding of the vertical Industry and/or major application areas, and for Topic focused working groups, in a specific discipline or subject as applied to IoT.

Each VTWG is expected to recruit experts and participants from within the IEEE and from the Vertical Industry Segment or Topical Area. The objective is to achieve a critical mass of volunteers, with balanced representation across the segments and also geographic IEEE regions, and to undertake technical projects that contribute to the development of the IoT knowledge base and the needs of the IoT community.

The scope and range of the projects can include, but is not limited, to the following activities for the vertical or topical areas:

  • A segmentation/classification of the vertical or topical area
  • Development of ontologies, dictionaries, and bibliographies
  • Development and documentation of use cases
  • White papers and technical material on architectures, applications, and solutions
  • Identification of requirements, challenges, and needs
  • Creation of roadmaps
  • Development of educational materials
  • Cultivation of and identification of speakers and presenters for IoT events
  • Creation of tutorials, webinars, and lecture material
  • Identification of best practices, needs for standards, and open source solutions
  • Creation of reference architectures and solutions
  • Organization of workshop, tutorials, summits, and conference events
  • Participation in demonstration projects
  • Implications of IoT for the Vertical or Topic Area

We look forward to the “IoT Topical Working Group on Connectivity and Communications”  being an important contributor. As such, the IEEE IoT Initiative has a vital interest in access to test beds, experimentation, technical expertise, and  promulgation of knowledge through workshops, conferences, and educational material that specifically deals with the wireless physical layer, signal processing, protocols, propagation effects, environmental effects, safety, and the many components that enable wireless technologies. We hope to see you in Anaheim!