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About IEEE SSCS Romania

First of all, IEEE (pronounced “Eye-triple-E,” and standing for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to “advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity” (according to IEEE website). IEEE is much more than a simple society! It is a global community with highly cited (ISI) publications, (ISI proceeding) conferences, technology standards (!) and many professional and educational activities. During the last two decades, this large society, scoring up to 400,000 members, became the most cited source in scientific articles while its database, IEEExplore (www.ieeexplore.com), including right now more than 3.8 million articles, became a reference in this regard. To learn more about the association’s name, please read the History of IEEE.

The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society counts over 9,000 members and is primarily focused on fabricated integrated circuit designs. This scientific society is well known for its Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC), the most downloaded technical journal in IEEEXplore, and International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), the world’s premier circuits realization conference. For more details about the society scope and achievements, please visit the main society website.

The Romanian Chapter of IEEE SSCS (known also as SSCS037) counts about 20 members, most of them from Academia (professors) and several from Industry. Its main purpose is to gather researchers and engineers interested in chip implementations, help them communicate faster and enforce national/international partnerships by means of research projects and scientific meetings. In the same time, SSCS037 does anything possible to help students interested in chip design / microelectronics to integrate easily in this society and become part of a fast growing and very dynamic trend (e.g Technology). We are proud that 5 Romanian students agreed joining IEEE and became student SSCS members. Let’s wish them a very warm welcome!