IEEE ComSoc Atlanta Meeting – " What can physical-layer security do for you" – ATLANTA COM19 CHAPTER on 07-November-2013

The conventional approach to ensure confidential communications relies on public-key/private-key protocols, which operate on error-free data after the physical-layer has been established. While the effectiveness of this approach in traditional settings is unquestionable, new systems are emerging where treating confidentiality as an overlay feature of top of reliability may not be the most appropriate solution…. Read more

IEEE Smart Tech Metro Area Workshop: Atlanta – ATLANTA SECTION on 18-October-2013

IEEE Smart Tech Metro Area Workshop series is coming to Atlanta 18–19 October 2013. Smart Tech Workshops offer parallel, all-day track sessions that allow attendees to immerse themselves in a given technology. The two-day intensive workshop will be held at the Georgia Tech Research Institute Conference Center. Receive two days of instruction, plus meals, for… Read more

Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Emory – ATLANTA EMB18 CHAPTER on 17-October-2013

Over the past 25 years, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has revolutionized medical diagnosis and patient care by producing exquisite anatomical images of the interior of the body. Recently, a new trend has emerged in MRI, where images represent dynamic and physiologic process in the body. Examples of this includes high-temporal resolution imaging of cardiac contraction,… Read more

IEEE APS/MTTS Distinguished Lecture: "QFN-Based Packaging Concepts for Millimeter-Wave Transceivers" – ATLANTA AP03/MTT17 CHAPTER on 24-September-2013

Seminar Abstract: During the last several years, the speed and the level of integration of monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) have increased drastically. Today’s circuits are able to operate at frequencies up to the sub-millimeter-wave range (≥ 300 GHz) and combine highly sophisticated systems within one single chip (System-on-Chip or SoC). These chips have to… Read more

Women in Engineering Fall Mixer – ATLANTA WOMEN IN ENGINEERING AFFINITY GROUP on 07-November-2013

Amy Sharma shares her experiences (good, bad and funny) in Australia with her husband and baby daughter. Due to her husband’s temporary work assignment, Amy recently spent a year in Perth, Western Australia. She picked up with her husband and 9-month-old daughter and moved to the opposite side of the world with nothing more than… Read more