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National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)
Comprehensive Review and the 2017 Update Seminar details and registration form
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The NESC is one of the most important documents for an electric utility.  It frames the safety boundaries for design, construction, and maintenance and provides a practical set of rules that are now updated every five years.  These rules and tables have been developed for the safety of the public and utility employees as well as the safe operation of the equipment itself.

This seminar will provide a review of the entire NESC Code Book including insights that will help utility personnel better understand it and encourage its everyday use.  It will also include coverage of the important changes in the new 2017 release.  This means there is an urgent need to become familiar with the new version of the NESC Code Book and move to implement its changes.

This one-day seminar will include an overview of the code that will build a good understanding of its framework and content.  The seminar will include a complete coverage of the NESC and a careful review of the main 2017 changes that will be imbedded in each Part of the NESC as it is covered.

POWER Engineers
Considerations and Discussion of Modernizing Aging Utility Infrastructure”


Join us for an interactive training day.

POWER Engineers is hosting our fifth annual workshop following the IEEE REPC conference:

Considerations and Discussion of Modernizing Aging Utility Infrastructure”

The Peabody Memphis
Memphis, TN

May 9, 2018

The workshop will strive to help the cooperative engineer develop an approach and identify focus areas when addressing the challenge of aging utility infrastructure. Sessions will be guided by experienced facilitators as well as attendees, who are encouraged to share their experiences and challenges. The result will be an engaging, interactive, and informative workshop.

Class size is limited to 40 people.

To see the agenda and to sign up, visit the class registration website.

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SEL Technical Seminar – Improve Distribution System Reliability and Performance
IEEE Rural Electric Power Conference (MS docx file)

Learn about solutions you can implement today to enhance the reliability and performance of your distribution system at the complimentary SEL tag-along technical seminar at The Peabody Memphis.

Maintaining the safe operation of the power system is a top priority for every utility. SEL offers scalable, modular distribution automation systems that combine fast protection with flexible automation and communications for customized solutions that make your system safer, more reliable, and more economical.

Join us to learn the benefits of implementing distribution network automation using fault location, isolation, and service restoration (FLISR). We will also share about the brand new SEL-FLT and SEL-FLR Fault and Load Transmitter and Receiver System that improves distribution system reliability metrics and speeds up restoration by pinpointing faults.

Additionally, you’ll learn why there is no reason to wait to clear a fault on the distribution system with the SEL-FT50 and SEL-FR12 Fault Transmitter and Receiver System.

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