Executive Committee/Subcommittee Rosters

Executive Committee

REPC Chairperson Wil Schulze, P.E.
REPC Vice Chairperson/Program Chairperson C.H. Campbell, P.E.
REPC Secretary/Publicity Chairperson Jodi Bullinger, P.E.
REPC Secretary- Elect Rhett Reid, P.E.
REPC Immediate Past Chairperson Greg Shirek, P.E.

Computer Applications Subcommittee

Mike Smith, Chairperson
C. H. Campbell, P.E.
C. Wayne Carr, P.E.
Kenneth W. Farmer, P.E.
Michael Garland, P.E.
W. H. Kersting
Rhett Reid, P.E.
Wil Schulze, P.E.
Greg Shirek, P.E.
Cameron L. Smallwood, P.E.
Ryan Smoak, P.E., MBA

Paper Review Subcommittee

Dr. Paul Mixon, P.E., Chairperson
C. H. Campbell, P.E.
Jason Hoskins
Edward S. Thomas, P.E.
Rhonda Whitaker-Hamm

NESC, Job Training, and Safety Subcommittee

Mark Jurgemeyer, Chairperson
Jodi Bullinger
Robert C. Dew, Jr., P.E.
Gerald E. Hager, P.E.
Jason Jenks
Charles Ward, Jr.
Michael C. Pehosh, P.E.
PK Sen
Walt Jones
C. Alan Blackmon, P.E.
David Farmer, P.E.
Edward J. Harter, P.E.

Engineering Conference Workshop Committee

Logan Pleasant, P.E., Chairperson
Jerry Josken
Doug Turk, P.E.
Matt Watkins

Guides & Standards Subcommittee

Christopher L. Brooks, P.E., Interim Chairperson
Jodi Bullinger, P.E.
Robert C. Dew Jr., P.E.
Michael Pehosh, P.E.
Seth Syverson

Power Quality and Efficient Electric Use Subcommittee

Alan Hannah, P.E., Chairperson
Robert C. Dew, Jr., P.E.
Jerry Josken
David Lankutis, P.E.
Edward S. Thomas, P.E.
Louis Toth, P.E.
Rhonda Whitaker-Hamm

Historic/Awards Subcommittee

Tom Castle, Chairperson
Don Cobb, P.E.
Jerry Josken

Membership Subcommittee

Donald W. Cobb, P.E., Chairperson
Ed Harter
Alan Hannah, P.E.
David Farmer, P.E.

Scholarship Subcommittee

Robert C. Dew, Jr., P.E., Chairperson
Jason Hoskins
Dave Lankutis, P.E.
Paul Mixon, P.E.
Mike Smith
Logan Pleasant, P.E.

Exhibits and Sponsors Subcommittee

Robert C. Dew, Jr., P.E., Chairperson